Kyle Lamson Tackles Helmet Technology

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This post is sponsored by Kronos.

American workers are the lifeblood of our economy. It’s their dedication and innovation that drives business forward in this country, and separate us from many countries around the world. Here at Gunaxin, we just create pixels and entertainment for our audience, but our founder comes from a family of designers and engineers who have helped to create great buildings. All contributions by workers, large or small, are important to the overall economic ecosystem and deserve recognition.

The good folks at Kronos understand that, and have created a site devoted to sharing the personal stories of people who do many important and too-often unrecognized jobs upon which we all rely. “1 in 100 million” celebrates special individuals who reflect the character, commitment, and passion of today’s American workforce.

Lamson 560x314The latest episode in their series features Kyle Lamson, Director of New Product Innovation at Xenith, who has worked designing and developing sporting goods and protective equipment for over 15 years. Kyle grew up playing lacrosse and snowboarding, and unfortunately suffered multiple concussions. His interest in preventing those injuries for others led him to Xenith in 2012, where he has helped further develop their #1 rated patented helmet technologies through design, safety testing, prototyping and engineering.

Every six weeks or so, Kronos releases a new video focused on one worker – a firefighter, a nurse, a union electrician, and more. You can watch all the episodes or subscribe to be notified about new episodes at the 1 in 100 Million site.