Labatt Wants You to Get Santa Drunk

Apparently when Grandma got run over by a reindeer, it’s because Santa was hammered on Labatt Blue.  At least, that’s something we might be able to infer based on a series of ads being run by the Canadian beer company during this holiday season.

While you're at it, why don't you roll him a fat one, too?

The ads, which say “Leave one out for Santa, he’s driving,” have been met with some anger and confusion.  Now, we should point out that this is a new non-alcoholic beer being marketed by Labatt, though at first glance the message seems a little bizarre and counterproductive to the whole, “don’t get shitfaced and drive a sleigh” movement.  After all, the fact that it’s a non-alcoholic beer is hidden in small text near the bottom of the ad.

And now people are worried that these ads will encourage kids to forgo the usual milk and cookies and instead leave out a nice cold brew for Santa.  Of course, Labatt is saying it’s an anti-drinking and driving campaign.  Says Labatt spokesperson Catherine Pringle (wife of Mr. Pringle, presumably):

It’s reminding people, especially during the holiday season, when people go out to celebrate, not to drink and drive.

Gee, we can’t imagine where the mixed signals are coming from when Labatt is posting ads telling consumers to set out a brew for Santa because he’s driving while simultaneously saying it’s wrong to drink and drive.

Man, and here we thought the only way Santa would get toasted is from the fire we always light in the chimney.  That’ll teach the fat man to stop breaking into the house.

Bad Santa 1 300x212

Man, Mrs. Claus is gonna be pissed...