Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

Lagunitas Capuccino Stout – Limited Release

Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma, CA.

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Information: (From Site) –Big, Dark and Scary Imperial-esque Stout Brewed With Plenty of Dark Malts and Roast Barley And Loads of Sebastopol’s Hardcore Coffee for Even Bigger Roasty Flavors and that Extra Krunk.”

Though I’m none too fond of beer companies attempting -poorly- to sound modern and hip (see: Krunk above), I’ll give Lagunitas the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had the Brown Shugga‘ and these kids know what they’re doing. The bottle, as with many of the ‘Seasonal Brews’, is of the 22 ounce varieties and looks just as mean as they describe it. Why? Well, as much as I love coffee, the way that this bottle touts the use of ‘hard core coffee’ is making me cringe with both anticipation and fear. Sure, I’ve had coffee-infused beers before (see: Bell’s Java Stout) and typically it’s a combination that works out very well, but, if the coffee presents a stronger flavor front than the actual beer… well, there could be issues. Okay, we pour…

Well, that answers a question I ask of my beer right off the bat before I even get it to the glass: it smells like coffee and like a stout. The combination is apparent and of that I’m thankful. By the way, this brings up a very important point in your better beer enjoyment. Always pour into a glass and please make sure you d it correctly for minimum over-head and maximum flavor release. Anyway, the head on this dark fella was gone in the time it took me to write that last sentence, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering it’s a stout. After a good swirl (yes, pour your beer in a glass bigger than the bottle’s contents or else split it. You’ll thank me later) this is quite headier on the coffee front than I first anticipated. Let’s see if the taste matches.

Wow. I had a feeling. This is some seriously coffee’d beer. But ya know what, it’s really good. It’s rich, almost caramel-like and super malty. The background has a nice barley finish with a touch of some mocha and even a slight oakiness much akin to red wine. Oddly, if you didn’t know there was beer in this coffee, you could, almost, mistake it for some cold brew from the morning. Well, maybe not that much, but it does have quite the toasty coffee body, without a doubt. And this is precisely why I love doing this. A new exciting beer every time. Try it. Have it with a cookie. It’ll work!

Rating: * * * *
It’s coffee and it’s a stout, what’s not to like?