Stunning Travel Photos by John Soulé

John Soule Photography 1 560x278John Soule Egypt 1 300x300John Soulé is a freelance photographer who has traveled all over the world with his camera and produced some of the most stunning images we have ever seen. He specializes in landscape and nature photography, but has experience with photojournalism as well. Soulé has an incredible portfolio of images available for viewing on his website, like the jaw-dropping photo below of the Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend John Soule 560x374John is actually a neighbor of ours here at Gunaxin, and we first saw his work at a neighborhood function. Obviously impressed with John’s talent and skill, we decided to contract him to photograph the Washington Auto Press Association’s Rally in 2015. You can see an example image from that event below, and a full photo gallery on Facebook.

WAPA Rally John Soule 560x280To further share his talent, we’ve assembled a small gallery of some our favorite images from John’s Travel Portfolio below. You can find much more of his fabulous work on his website and Instagram. You can even purchase prints of his photographs on his Etsy store. Trust us, they’ll look much better on the wall than the photos you took with an iPhone on your own trip to Monument Valley.