Larry King To Be Replaced By A Limey?

larryking 560x374

The decrepit skeleton known as Larry King might be getting the boot from CNN, according to Variety. Apparently, Piers Morgan, famous for his judging on NBC’s annoying as shit America’s Got Talent, has been pegged to fill King’s suspenders and will receive a fat four-year contract worth anywhere from $8 – $14 million dollars.

King’s ratings have been firmly in the dumper since the start of the year, so should this move be triggered, it will come as little surprise. Have you watched King lately? The guy has always been a feeble minded clown, but it’s obvious he’s pretty much thrown in the towel. His questions are more inane than usual and his preparation for interviews has been reduced to nil. Half the time it seems as if he has no idea who the hell he’s talking too. Needless to say, his being put out to pasture is long overdue.

As for this Piers chap, he’s your typical British dandy who plays the douchebag role to a tee on Talent. I think of him as a poor man’s Simon Cowell. Can he do the job? Sure, why not? At this point CNN could replace King with a coat rack and get better ratings. It’s a stupid chat show. Does it really matter anyway?