The Late Late Show’s Funniest Moments of 2015

james corden david letterman late night late late show 560x315The Late Late Show was originally created by David Letterman to compete with NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He was also the creator of the Late Night show on NBC and was set to be the successor to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show but was passed up for Jay Leno. As a result, he left NBC and went to CBS where he began the battle for late night.

james corden tom hanks late late show 560x280The Late Late Show has been hosted by four men and a few guest hosts since it began in 1995. Tom Snyder was the first host followed by Craig Kilborn, Craig Ferguson, and now, James Corden. Corden is a do-it-all British comedian. He is a writer, actor, producer, singer, and now, one of the funniest men on late night TV. He began hosting The Late Late Show on March 23 of this past year and in less than a year has created some of the greatest comedy sketches of the year and these are the best of the best from the past 10 months. Enjoy.

30. Opposites Attract Remake w/ Paula Abdul

Episode: 52

Aired: July 21st

Details: Paula Abdul decided to bring back on of her oddest music videos that has become a cult classic but this time, playing the cool cat was Late Late Show host James Corden. It is still funny today only this time Paula making fun of herself makes it even better.

29. Carpool Karaoke – Justin Bieber Vol.2

Episode: 109

Aired: November 18th

Details: Justin Bieber has dealt with a good amount of criticism throughout his career but when he makes fun of himself and allows the World to see him as a person, he is very likeable. And also funny which is probably why James Corden decided to bring him back for a second carpool karaoke.

28. Schwarzenegger’s Quick Film History

Episode: 23

Aired: May 4th

Details: Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the average Late Late Show guest you would think would make fun of himself like this so when he appeared for a very fast film history, it was priceless.

27. Eating Breakfast with The Ramseys

Episode: 60

Aired: August 4th

Details: Gordon Ramsey is the meanest person on TV yet he is the most popular television chef in the history of the genre. He was the guest and brought his daughter along for the ride. This is the funniest family cook-off Late night has ever seen.

26. Time of My Life – Idina Menzel

Episode: 22

Aired: April 30th

Details: Idina Menzel has been an unbelievable singer for a very long time, not just after Frozen. Regardless, she went on the show and rocked a classic movie song and dance.

25. Singing Telegrams – Demi Lovato

Episode: 50

Aired: August 4th

Details: Demi Lovato and James Corden did a singing telegram for unsuspecting fans of the show. It wasn’t staged either, it was all real. The people they sang for had no clue this was going to happen making it even better when they received the telegram.

24. Duckie’s Pretty in Pink Dance – Jon Cryer

Episode: 12

Aired: April 14th

Details: Pretty in Pink is probably that entire audience’s favorite movie growing up. So when Jon Cryer appeared as Duckie, craziness ensued.

23. Josh Gad Interrupts the Monologue

Episode: 10

Aired: April 8th

Details: Josh Gad was the voice of Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. However, he is also the star of Wedding Ringer and is one of Hollywood’s funniest new faces. He has a way of looking innocent while being sarcastically amazing.

22. Taylor Swift Soap – Stamos & Moore

Episode: 87

Aired: October 5th

Details: A soap opera written by using only Taylor Swift lyrics starring Julianne Moore and John Stamos? How can this not work?

21. Carpool Karaoke – Carrie Underwood

Episode: 116

Aired: December 2nd

Details: Who knew Carrie Underwood would not know that normal people, James Corden included, had no idea cowboy boots and hats would end up costing $2,000. Wow.

20. Eating Bugs – Chef George Gordon

Episode: 20

Aired: April 28th

Details: Anna Faris and Tituss Burgess decided to join James Corden for a little bug tasting experience. From the looks at their faces, maybe they should have just stayed on the couch.

19. Carpool Karaoke – Iggy Azalea

Episode: 46

Aired: June 18th

Details: Iggy’s real first name is Amethyst? That helps answer a few questions we had about her.

18. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

Episode: 112

Aired: November 24th

Details: As with many of these moments, who knew Ellie Goulding would be so hilarious in a reggae beanie?

17. Carpool Karaoke – Rod Stewart and A$AP

Episode: 48

Aired: July 14th

Details: Rod Stewart has been around for a very long time, he has lived in America longer than James Corden has been alive. So watching him work with ASAP Rocky makes us cringe at the thought but when you hear it, you are knocked down by how great of a song it is.

16. Tattoo Roulette – One Direction

Episode: 113

Aired: December 3rd

Details: One Direction gives the fans something else to like about them when they appeared on James Corden to play Tattoo Roulette. The fear in their eye’s proves that it was not a setup, it was real. None of them, James Corden included, had no idea which one would be getting a new tattoo that night.

15. Matt Damon’s Quick Film History

Episode: 84

Aired: September 29th

Details: After living in Space for his last couple of films, it is good to see Matt Damon back on land doing what he does best, charming the audiences of late night talk shows.

14. Carpool Karaoke – Jennifer Hudson

Episode: 11

Aired: April 13th

Details: The first Carpool Karaoke that started it all. This was a great example of how incredible a singer Jennifer Hudson is and also how wrong American Idol was when she did not win. (It still hurts, a little)

13. Mind Link – Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Episode: 3

Aired: March 25th

Details: Mind Link was a brilliant idea. However, it only works if the two people participating have chemistry with each other and the audience. If not, it could end up failing. This is far from a fail, it is nearly perfect.

12. Carpool Karaoke – Jason DeRulo

Episode: 101

Aired: November 4th

Details: Who knew Gucci meant I’m good?

11. Police Stakeout – Mel Brooks

Episode: 82

Aired: September 24th

Details: This is one of those moments that not many people got to see but it is brilliant and Mel Brooks is true to himself. He uses the camera and the crowd to break down that imaginary fourth wall, which only he can do so hilariously.

10. Carpool Karaoke – One Direction

Episode: 123

Aired: December 15th

Details: One Direction and James Corden are probably the biggest fans of each other. It is very evident by this list where they are now featured for the second time. They are not done either.

9. Pitch Perfect Riff-Off – Anna Kendrick

Episode: 31

Aired: May 15th

Details: Anna Kendrick is one of the coolest and sexiest women in Hollywood. She loves to sing and perform and has taken the Pitch Perfect success to a whole new level with the one and only riff-off.

8. Crosswalk the Musical: Grease

Episode: 9

Aired: April 7th

Details: James Corden was once in musical theater and actually starred in several musicals. But when he decided to produce Grease between stop lights, it is great.

7. Carpool Karaoke – Mariah Carey

Episode: 3

Aired: March 25th

Details: Mariah Carey is a diva but she is still one of the greatest singers of all time. She is not always a diva, which is apparent in this Carpool Karaoke.

6. Prank Phone Calls – Betty White

Episode: 40

Aired: June 9th

Details: Betty White is the ageless comedian that knows how to own an audience.

5. Carpool Karaoke – Stevie Wonder

Episode: 75

Aired: September 14th

Details: Stevie Wonder driving in the beginning is just plain hilarious. But he then goes on to make fun of James’s accent and finally serenading his wife with a classic love song. Amazing.

4. Ironic (Updated Lyrics) – Alanis Morissette

Episode: 103

Aired: November 9th

Details: If you aren’t a fan of Alanis Morissette already, this was a great way to change your mind. Her voice is almost as beautiful as she is herself. Almost!

3. Dodgeball – One Direction

Episode: 30

Aired: May 14th

Details: When you stop laughing, try and finish the rest of this article. It might take awhile as this is probably one of the funniest moments on Late Late night TV ever.

2. Tom Hanks Quick Film History

Episode: 1

Aired: March 23rd

Details: Tom Hanks is awesome. He helped begin the Late Late Show with James Corden with a bang and let them do a film history in under 8 minutes knowing it would be huge on Youtube. And it was.

1. Carpool Karaoke – Justin Bieber

Episode: 34

Aired: May 20th

Details: Jennifer Hudson was the first but it was Justin Bieber that turned Carpool Karaoke into a huge success that James Corden has been able to repeat with the same level of hilarity as the rest.