Le Logis : Home of Grey Goose

Le Logis Grey Goose 1 560x280Le Logis is a 17th Century manor home in France that serves as the home of Grey Goose Vodka. We recently told you the relatively short history of Grey Goose, which began in 1996 when François Thibault transitioned his stills from making Cognac to Vodka. Grey Goose purchased Le Logis in 2012 and after extensive renovations finally unveiled it to the world in 2014. Now the stately property welcomes guests and helps tell the quality story of the Grey Goose brand. We spent an amazing three days on site, and have prepared this photo collection to share with you from our time in France.

Le Logis Grey Goose 5 560x280

Outside the walls of Le Logis is the commune of Julliac le Coq

Le Logis Grey Goose 6 560x280

Our room on the top floor was one of 14 uniquely elegant bedrooms.

Le Logis Grey Goose 2 560x280

The pool is incredibly inviting, and a relaxing place to sit and read.

Le Logis Grey Goose 3 560x280

The kitchen featured a spread of fresh breads, cheeses, and fruits.

Le Logis Grey Goose 4 560x280

Our favorite activity on site was Pétanque, the French version of Bocce.

Le Logis is one of the most uniquely luxurious places we’ve ever stayed, and every angle of the manor house and grounds was worthy of a photograph. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for learning about Grey Goose vodka, and we’ve selected twenty more photos to share with you in the gallery below :

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