Seven Things To Do On Leap Day

leap day headerA famous 30 Rock episode in its 6th season posited that February 29th, Leap Day, is a day to indulge because it doesn’t really count. It’s a fantastic concept and one we fully embrace at Gunaxin. With this in mind, here are some things to do on Leap Day you can’t possibly regret since none of them will actually count.

Punch a Stranger

Tyler Durden said it best: "How much can you know about yourself, you've never been in a fight?" Hit the streets or the mall or the supermarket, find a punchable target, and smash him in the face. You'll feel a thousand-percent better.

leap fight 560x375

Gorge on Junk Food

Watching your weight, cholesterol, fat and sugar intake? Sure you are, everything is bad for you in case you hadn't heard. Well, fu*k that nonsense. Go get yourself a greasy hamburger, wash it down with a Big Gulp, and finish it off with a pint of Ben and Jerry's.You only live once and it ain't forever.

leap food 560x382

Quit Your Awful Job

Feeling like your soul is being ripped to pieces every time you step foot in your place of employment? Want to do something worthwhile before you keel over from a massive coronary? Then get off your ass and quit your shitty job. It's Leap Day, so you can always slink back tomorrow and continue wasting away.

leap job

Ask Out a Hot Chick

Been crushing on that cute blonde who works at Starbucks, or the sexy redhead at work? Well, sack up, down a breath mint, and toss some game her way. If she rejects your advances, who cares? It doesn't count anyway. Then again, she might be into you. You'll never know unless you ask.

leap girl 560x285

Start a Riot

Bank dicking you around? Sick and tired of hitting that pothole you asked to be fixed months ago? Lines at the DMV making your blood boil? No problem. Round up a few pals and get your riot on. Break some shit. Light a couple of fires. Hey, it's good enough for the Middle East... sort of.

leap riot

Get Stoopid Drunk

Not that you need another excuse to get piss drunk, but just in case, Leap Day, baby! Trust us, doing a bar crawl on Lead Day is awesome. Consider it the cherry on top after a fun-filled day of fighting, eating and rioting.

leap drunk

Commit a Crime

We're not endorsing you to engage in illegal activity, or maybe we are. Nevertheless, you're a big boy capable of making sound decisions, so the choice is entirely up to you whether or not to steal a car, rob a pawn shop or tear the tag off your mattress. Remember, it's Leap Day. No harm, no foul.

leap murder 560x353