Learn to Cuss in Any Language

cursing man

cuss balloon 300x212When learning a new language, one of the first things anyone should learn, besides the basics, is how to curse. That way, when you visit the country, you’ll be able to recognize what the impatient locals are saying to you when you’re blocking their way on the sidewalk while holding a map.

Unfortunately, swearing is not on the agenda of most language education programs. But now, there’s a website that is dedicated to providing the direct translation of cuss words in any language, from Africaans to Zambia (nyanja) -and everyone should know how to curse in Yiddish. This site is www.youswear.com, and I’ve never had so much fun learning foreign languages in my life. Had they taught me Spanish cuss words in high school, perhaps I would’ve actually retained something.

Thanks to the fine folks at Life Hacker for sharing this information, and my pal Neil from Russian Machine Never Breaks, a Washington Capitals fan site.