Cool Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Stuff

leatherface stuff

I’ve never understood the cult appeal to Leatherface. He’s a deformed, retarded idiot who kills people because he doesn’t know better. Since when is that cool? And he’s based on Ed Gein, the killer who dressed like a woman and inspired Norman Bates and Buffalo Bill of Silence of the Lambs.

But he’s been immortalized as an action figure and statue several times over. Here are some of those items available. But first, let’s refresh our memory of what exactly happened in Texas.

Statues, Dioramas and Action Figures

Leatherface 12 inch Figure

Leatherface Cult Classics Series 2
41EQ723JBQL. SL500 AA300

Cinema of Fear 2 Leatherface Figure Night Variant
410WoPZNLPL. SL500 AA300

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Action Figure
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McFarlane Movie Maniacs

41HXW4X7HSL. SL500 AA300

Cult Classics 7
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Leatherface 12-inch doll
31OWQ9ORjIL. SL500 AA300 e1288031582749

Movie Maniacs Series 7 > Leatherface Action Figure
41MNXJKK87L. SL500 AA300

Cult Classics Hall of Fame Series 2 Leatherface the Beginning

316trRRgkzL. SL500 AA300

For the Wall

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Wallbreaker
51W6yHNKstL. SL500 AA300

Even More Retarded Leatherfaces

Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear Deluxe Plush Series 2 Leatherface
51r9QD4tPsL. SL500 AA300

Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear 9 Inch Stylized Leatherface
51YF+C0LyUL. AA300 e1288031461872

Leatherface Busts

Leatherface 8-inch bust
41VtGP0CQEL. SL500 AA300

Gentle Giant Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Bust

51QSDGa1OoL. SL500 AA300

Dress Like Leatherface

Leatherface Dlx Latex Mask
51sPpp0InrL. SX300 SY390 CR00300390 e1288031340651

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface 27
41KHz9QWsyL. SL500 AA300

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Buffet Platter
41mF1is3l1L. SL500 AA300

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Child’s Leatherface Costume, Large
416BaL6sZtL. AA300 e1288031520813

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Miss Leatherface Adult Costume
41L8su95afL. SX300 SY390 CR00300390