Go Green With Lemur Monitors’ EconoDriver

We all want to save money and one way to do that is watching how much we pay at the gas pump. With gas prices going up and down, it’s hard to know how much we save at the pump. Lemur Monitors has a gadget called the EconoDriver which observes your gas mileage in real time.  All you need to do is drive a car that was made after 1995 and you can get instant feedback on your car’s performance.

EconoDriver Key Fob and Sensor 300x204

The EconoDriver is a wireless device that displays each cost per trip in dollars and cents. It also reports the distance you have traveled and tells you if you are wasting gas. There is also a green rating which is based on your style of driving. The more leaves you have on your monitor means that your car is getting better gas mileage. This was a fun game that I was doing while testing out the product. I wanted to drive with as many leaves on the monitor to increase my driving efficiency. It was almost as if I instantly made my car a hybrid when I installed the EconoDriver. My friend has a hybrid and it displays the leaves as well and lets him know how well he is driving and what type of gas mileage he is getting from his car.

EconoDriver Installed In Vehicle 300x232

Installation is simple and then you’re ready to see how well you drive your car and start keeping track of the cost of gas. It is a great product since it saves you money, helps the environment, and helps maintain your car’s performance. You can pick up the EconoDriver at Lemur Monitors website or at Amazon.com for $79.95. Plus Lemur Monitors makes two other devices called the Safe Driver and the Alert Driver. Check them out at www.lemurmonitors.com.

Lemur Monitors EconoDriver Front Package 287x300