Lessons from UFC 124

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Hello… my name is “Hugh” and I’m one of the new contributors in the Gunaxin joint. You can call me Logic because I’m a beast and all I do is make cents sense.

I understand that all of the fellas in the audience will be experiencing some feelings that will lead to a mixture of rage, jealously, curiosity, laughter and bitterness. It’s natural.

Ladies? Yeah, you just feel moisture.

If you don’t know me, you can learn about me. Follow me on Twitter or check out some of my old MMA writing/podcast at HammerFisted. Now that we have the introduction and self-promotion out of the way, let’s get on to the event.

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Too bad this didn't end the fight...

UFC 124 was a great event. Totally worth the money. Was it a show like Strikeforce the week prior? No… but the card did produce. The undercard was brutally torn apart because Dana White employed his “I have a super star on the menu, why do I need to stack the card?” strategy which I seem to enjoy because it gives some young guys a chance to shine.

So that’s Number One. We learned not to judge a card based off of how pretty the fights look on paper. Things can get gritty and the fights can get good. Really good, as we saw at 124 with several of the bouts setting up the main event (including Danzig over Stevenson, Bocek over Hazelett, and Struve over McCorkle… more on these in a moment).

Number Two? We learned not to put the prelims on UFC.com. That was silly. Not all of us are fanboys who sit at home and liveblog the results. Would I like to be? Sure, but if I stay in on the weekend, thousands of girls with riot in the streets of Manhattan. DO YOU WANT THAT?! I didn’t think so.

Spike should schedule a little better and put Neil Patrick Harris and his stupid VGA show on a Thursday while the live fights that have been scheduled for months take precedent. Not hard.

For instance, Fox just dropped the entire Monday night television schedule (in New York, at least) because of the battle between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings being rescheduled due to weather. That’s dedication. That’s the right way to do things. Sports always trumps recorded television, 10 times out of 10. Like I said… not hard.

That may not have been as important to many other people but I was at a party with about 20-25 people and the dude has a lap top (that’s it… no widescreen, no LCD, no HD, nothing). That would’ve been retarded to even attempt. Luckily, they aired the Bocek/Hazelett fight on the main card so I only missed one fight…but still, the point stands.

Bullet Number Three on the UFC 124 lesson plan (this probably should have been the first one on the list but I had to get the structural stuff out of the way) would be the respect we owe Georges St. Pierre. The man is the face of the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts as a sport. He is widely accepted as the most technical fighter we have ever seen in the UFC. He is a cerebral agitator and game-plan-disrupting force of technical reckoning (see… I was forced me to create two adjectives and I don’t even like the guy).

Josh Koscheck was metaphorically, physically and literally damaged, outmatched by a superior athlete and fighter.

It’s going to be a while before someone dethrones St. Pierre and it’s already endured eight title defenses thus far. Would the great Jon Fitch wrestle him? Pffttt… at this point you need to throw names like Jake Shields and Anderson Silva into the discussion as potential opposition for GSP due to the lacking inspiration from these second-tier fighters in the welterweight division.

With GSP as the champion, the sport of MMA is going to expand. He’s likable, respectful and dominant. If you disagree, you’re probably stupid.

For Lesson Number Four we find the Big Sexy McCorkle hype train crashed and burned as if designed and operated by Mr. Glass from Unbreakable, defeated by a first-round TKO dealt by Stefan Struve. Struve is not on my list of favorite fighters. I feel like he gets lucky. I don’t know why, but he does. He is a big, tall dude and that definitely works to his advantage. To be clear, I never claimed Struve wasn’t tough or that he isn’t up to the challenge of UFC competition.

However, I’d submit Struve was dealt a loaded hand for UFC 124. McCorkle could’ve been a much better prospect down the line, rather than throwing him to the wolves so early in his career. If the powers that be had coddled him, as they have been known to do (see Ryan “Darth” Bader and Jon “Bones” Jones), this fight would have been magnificent… down the line. McCorkle even said it himself, noting he felt overwhelmed in this fight.

Hopefully Joe Silva and Dana White take that as a lesson learned when scheduling matches because the next McCorkle match will probably be on an untelevised prelim match on WEC on Versus or some other situation of lesser value, and even though he won this bout, I’m confident Struve will be destroyed by 85% of the competition in that division.

Thiago Alves has been slammed for being a little fatty because he can never make weight. Lesson Number Five is about how great he looked. He was fast, his kicks on point, and his cardio was great. If that had been a five-round fight, Alves knocks Howard out.

Is it too quick to say “HE’S BACK!” like Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers? Of course, but I think the division is much better when Pitbull is on top of his game.

I don’t know if this should be another bullet but should we cut Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, or is this just another case of Dana White taking care of his athletes from TUF 1? Stevenson went down quicker than a good post ruined by a bad analogy about… well… “going down.” He’s lost five of his last eight bouts and I don’t see him getting any better when he is being knocked out by a feint left hand from Mac Danzig.

Danzig couldn’t even believe that worked.

That’s Lesson Number Six… Daddy stinks, and he has a stupid-ass nickname.

And last but not least, we arrive at Lesson Number Seven, and that lesson is this…

Charles “Aloe Vera” Oliveira may not be as good as we originally thought. He has no stand-up game. At all. I understand his BJJ (that would be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the MMA retards) is crazy good. He looked like he was in total control of the fight from the position he established.

Still, Aloe Vera got “caught” in the knee bar/toe hold combination Jim Miller down. Chucky appeared to be slacking in attempts to get out of the submission by throwing two ineffective punches to Miller’s midsection before finally tapping out.

If you ask me, in the brutally-competitive environment of MMA, that’s fucking horrible. If I was him, I’d do some serious eating and training on my striking and I’d make damn sure my ass was in shape before I jumped back in the octagon because I firmly believe I can snap him in half with my own bear bare hands… and I don’t even have a sweet beard like Miller.

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Alright, Gunaxin readers. Hope you enjoyed my little UFC 124 breakdown. Not every one of my posts will be this long… trust me on this. I wanted to make a strong and proper introduction and maybe next time I’ll come hard, slingin’ the 1-2-3 blogger KO combination of dick joke, followed by tit observation, followed by an animal photoshop.

Keep your fingers crossed!