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25 years ago the world was a much different place. Cell phones were the size of cinder blocks. A young and confused, Debarge was asking all of us: “Who is Johnny?” And the chances of going to a movie and walking away entertained were a lot greater than they are today.

This week on the show we took a look at some of the movies that stood out that year and came up with our “Lessons Learned From the Movies of 1986” Here are just a few:


Lesson #146 = When in doubt, a sweater is always a nice gift.


Lesson #257 = Closely monitor your friends at the beach.

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Lesson # 218 = Stay in School

These are just a few of the many lessons learned from fine movies of 1986. For more including ones from Top Gun, Stand By Me, Space Camp, The Karate Kid Part II and more – check out the latest episode from Masters of None

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