Let’s Play The Video Game Name Generator!

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Hey! Feel like wasting an entire day! Well, it is Monday after all, so you might as well. “How am I to do this?” you’re likely asking yourself. Well, worry not, I’ll tell you…

But first: this. We here at Gunaxin love us some video games. But more over, we here at Gunaxin love us some humor. So, when you can combine the two into a raucous time-wasting emulator, well, then you’ve really got something there! And what better way to increase the general level of hilarity than by turning said humor into a Photoshop project! Yeah, it’s all coming together now, isn’t it? Good.

Before I move on to the pictures I’ve created, let me point you in the direction of the link: The Video Game Name Generator. “So what is this anyway?” You’re probably inquiring to yourself. Damn, you ask a lot of questions. Well, I’ll tell you regardless. Imagine if one machine had access to every piece of a video game title ever written, and then imagine if you could randomly assemble those bits into any conceivable title imaginable… yeah, I’m making this sound a lot less awesome than it really is. Just click the link and I’ll see you back here in a few hours. Oh, wait, before you do, check out the games I made with just some of the titles I was given.

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