Why Liam Neeson’s Daughter in Taken is an Awful Person

taken grace 560x420Taken is an awesome film, almost purely because like everyone else on Earth, we fear Liam Neeson’s fist. However, after watching the movie a little more closely we’ve come to an astonishing conclusion: Liam Neeson’s daughter is a terrible person.

Now we’re not talking about the fact she got kidnapped, that could happen to anyone. No, even before that she was a huge bitch.

The first scene in the film shows Liam Neeson’s character carefully picking out a present for his daughter. He eventually decides on a karaoke machine, because his daughter likes singing. What a thoughtful gift. So how does his daughter react? She openly admits that she’s too mature for the gift, then seconds later, loses her shit because her stepfather bought her a pony. Seriously, she does it right in front of her real dad. There are CCTV camera operators in Guantanamo Bay who aren’t forced to watch stuff that cruel.


Can your step-dad snap a man’s neck with his dick? I didn’t think so.

But her being a colossal jerkwad to her dad doesn’t end there. Because later in the film Neeson’s character saves a singer from the business end of a knife, and as thanks she gives Neeson a card and basically tells him that if his daughter can sing, she’ll get her a record deal.

So, super-dad Liam Neeson has effectively set his daughter up for life and how does she react? She doesn’t let him speak. In the following scene, Neeson is in a diner waiting for his ex-wife and whiny daughter, presumably very eager to tell them he saved the shit out of a pop star and that his daughter is going to be famous.

He’s completely unable to get a word in because his daughter really wants to follow U2 on a European tour. He’s holding a card in his hand that could put her on stage next to freaking U2!

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“Daddy, why do you always ruing everything by giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of?”

When he says that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea that she go to Paris alone (something that’s proven to be entirely fucking correct when she’s kidnapped 18 seconds after landing), she runs away and pouts — probably to the giant mansion she lives in to contemplate how awful her life is.

When you really think about it, Taken isn’t a film about Liam Neeson trying to get his daughter back. It’s a film about Liam Neeson’s daughter’s complete ignorance of the fact her dad loves her. Something she only eventually comes to realize when he shoots her potential rapist in the face. Yeah, this chick has issues.