How to Use Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button

images12Today, we will determine the correct uses of the ‘like’ function on the social networking site Facebook. Next week we will examine the proper technique for the ‘Honesty Box’ application.

This is how it works:

Find a status that you think is relevant to your interests, entertaining, or important, and click the ‘Like’ button beneath it –

ashleyAnd boom. You’ve just informed that bitch that you’re glad she’s dying, without saying shit.

There are many situations in which using this tool is a good way of briefly informing people of how you feel. For example, when a significant other makes a status that contains some sort of carnal humor:

jordanAs a way of showing support for a family member:

When the ads give you awesome snippets of blatant racism:

josephWhen you know your friend hates his family:

jamieWhen this happens:

jamie2To give your brother a second notification when you insult him:

mattRecently, Mark Zuckerberg’s little drones added a new feature to the ‘like’ button saga, and sadly, no, it was not a ‘dislike’ button. It was the ability to like comments, for when things like this happen:

kyleUnfortunately, I, like everyone else, have no idea why this feature was added other than for the above situation, so I can’t even bring myself to be sarcastic about it. It’s pretty much worthless.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading. And remember, if you clicked less than two links, it doesn’t count as stalking.