Listen to New Daft Punk Remixes

ewfewfwwIf your favorite genre of music happens to be French house or you just really love robots, you’re probably well aware that French duo Daft Punk have got a new album, Random Access Memories, in the works, and they just dropped a small sample on their site. However, if like us you simply can’t wait until May 21st to get funky, there are options available. Funky options.

Though the album teaser was released within the last few days, there has already been a full song from the album on YouTube for two weeks. Confused? So were we. To explain, Daft Punk released a short 16-second teaser for their new album on SNL a few weeks ago. Someone, who we’re going to assume is either a huge Daft Punk fan or God’s personal DJ, remixed that small sample into a full track. Sure it’s not an actual Daft Punk song, but beggars can’t be choosers and if you need some funk in your life right now, you need to listen to that track.


We’ll be honest, half of those views are probably us.

If that’s not good enough for you, check out this mash-up of both loops together. We recommend cleaning your ears before listening to this one, purely because the second you listen, Daft Punk is going to insert a funk penis made of music directly into them and we don’t want Daft Punk to get an infection or something.

We hope like us these sample remixes can tide you over until more info is released on Daft Punk’s new album. Unless you’re not a fan, in which case, just enjoy the funk. Enjoy it hard.