Listen to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on Bagpipes

Ac Dc logo 560x448

I have a friend, we’ll call him Ted, who loves sending me video links via email. According to Ted, every video he ships my way is either the funniest, sickest or coolest thing he’s ever seen in his whole entire life. Unfortunately, most of the time they are either old, stupid or so disturbing I discard them into my delete box faster than a homeless guy inhales a bowl of warm soup. *rimshot*

However, once in a great while, Ted delivers a winner to my inbox. And I’m not talking about the ones detailing his unhealthy obsession with Asian fetish porn either. No, I’m referring to interesting shit like this dude Gordon Duncan playing AC/DC’s classic song “Thunderstruck” on bagpipes. It’s crazy good.

I want this played at my funeral.