Listen to MGMT’s Newest Album For Free

MGMT 560x315

I’m sure all of MGMT’s torrent savvy fans have already downloaded their latest album, Congratulations, but if you’re a dinosaur like me, or just lazy, you can still listen to it for free via the band’s website,

After the album was leaked to those nasty file sharing sites, MGMT didn’t pull a Metallica and start bitching about lost profits. Instead, they made it available to their fans for nada. You can also pre-order it or wait for the CD (what’s that?) to be released on April 13, if you’re the nostalgic type.

Me, I’m all about taking advantage of free shit, so I gave it a listen. It’s not as good as Oracular Spectacular, but it’s worth a spin, especially since you don’t have to pay a dime.

Ain’t technology grand? Oh, and do bands still make money, or are they compensated with expensive sunglasses and really good pot? My guess is MGMT might prefer the latter.