LOL At Last Night’s The Walking Dead

suicide header 560x373The Walking Dead is back! And boy oh boy have lines been drawn in the sand. Daryl and Merle are reunited. Rick and his dwindling band of not so merry men/women are struggling to stay afloat. The Governor is about to leave the reservation. Tyreese’s gang doesn’t know what to think. Overall, “The Suicide King” was a good, not great episode. Here are the funniest bits from last night’s proceedings.

dead 1A 560x303It didn’t take Daryl long to retrieve his beloved. And all was right in the world.

dead 2A 560x316I love Merle’s quaint colloquialisms and blatant racism, but sometimes a knock on the noggin is warranted.

dead 3A 560x323Tyreese knows how to warm up a crowd.

dead 4A 560x325New guy would probably think differently if he knew the little kid in question fired one into mommy’s dome.

dead 5A 560x313Nothing vents the frustration of nearly being tortured to death while your girlfriend is sexually assaulted like curb stomping a walker.

dead 6A 560x312Hey, ese, chill.

dead 7A 560x319Cowboy hat. Daisy Dukes. Fingerless gloves. Either this chick stepped straight outta line dancing practice or she’s wearing whatever was left in wardrobe.

dead 8A 560x315Rick and his daughter sharing a tender moment.

dead 9A 560x312Laurie Holden is a solid actress, but her wooden delivery of the atrociously written attempt at Kumbaya was laughable.

dead 10A 560x310Poor Rick. Even in death, Lori won’t stop nagging him.

LOL! Until next week…