LOL at Last Night’s The Walking Dead

dead prey 560x313Holy Dr. Giggles! If you didn’t think The Governor was a sadistic lunatic before, after watching last night’s episode of The Walking Dead — appropriately titled “Prey” — it should be abundantly clear that the guy isn’t playing with half a deck, let alone a full one. Andrea finally made up her slower than molasses mind and left Woodbury after discovering her former paramour’s demented chamber of chains, knives and whistles. The entire installment played out as a standalone horror movie as Andrea becameĀ prey to the Gov’s hunter as she attempted to reunite with the prison gang. Needless to say, there was no happy ending for blondie. It was quite ominous, and also amusing. Here are the Governor heavy funny bits.

prey 1 560x317It just so happens The Governor’s involves various instruments of torture.

prey 2 560x315This wacko’s idea of a workshop would make Hannibal Lecter cringe.

prey 3 560x318And then filet the seven dwarfs with a Ka-Bar.

prey 4 560x330I still haven’t warmed to Tyreese yet, so he’s Cutty from The Wire until further notice.

prey 5b 560x320To be fair, he’s not entirely wrong.

prey 6 560x325More Andrea hate. Must be contagious.

prey 7 560x318Why honk the horn? It’s not as if she doesn’t see him. The Gov really is embracing his inner sociopath.

prey 8 560x315Okay, there wasn’t much funny about the warehouse sequence. In fact, it was dark, sinister and chilling. I mean, look at David Morrissey in this still. Brr!!!

prey 9 560x304Gov killed this poor bastard with the first shot. The next seven were for good measure… I guess.

prey 10 560x317This zombie apocalypse graffiti had to be put there on purpose. Right?

prey 11 560x323I enjoy mine with extra sauce.

prey 12 560x315Rick isn’t the best choice for lookout.

prey 13 560x312Poor dumb Andrea. Shoulda killed The Gov when she had like five chances.

LOL! Only two episodes left in Season 3. Who dies: Andrea, the Gov, or both? Until next week….