LOL at Last Night’s The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

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The good news is The Walking Dead‘s season 3 through eight episodes has been some of the most riveting and darkest television in recent memory. The bad news is we have to wait until February to find out what happens between Merle and Daryl, and Andrea and The Governor, and Rick and the new inhabitants of the prison. I dunno about you, but these mid-season breaks are getting annoying. Oh well. Enough with the negative waves. Let’s celebrate last night’s fall finale by ignoring the bloody bits and laughing at the funny parts.

LOL dead1 560x284

And Andrea fits it to a tee.

LOL dead2 560x283

Penny needs a time out.

LOL dead3 560x282

When an engagement ring isn’t handy, a stabbing weapon made from the radius and ulna will have to do.

LOL dead4 560x287

Axel has been locked up a long time…

LOL dead5 560x287


LOL dead6 560x272

Andrea is ill-suited for the domestic life.

LOL dead7 560x286

First T-Dog, now Oscar. Black dudes sure have it rough in the zombie apocalypse. However, Tyreese looks like a keeper.

lol dead8 560x276

Michonne is not impressed by The Governor’s exotic fish.

LOL dead9 560x283

Andrea too seems vexed by The Governor’s unique hobbies.

LOL dead10 560x371

Settle down, Carl. Kid shoots his mom in the head and suddenly thinks he’s the go-to executioner. He’s got gumption, I’ll give him that. LOL!

The Walking Dead returns February 10th at 9pm on AMC. Until then…