LOL at Last Night’s The Walking Dead

dead judas

The prison group attempts to line-up by height.

“I Ain’t a Judas” was one of those The Walking Dead set-up episodes. Not a whole lot of action, but there was a bevy of important exposition that will help map out the direction taken in the last few installments of Season 3. Andrea returned to the group and received an icy reception, especially from Rick, who continues to have trust issues, and Michonne, who is still bitter having lost her only friend to the Governor’s charms. At any rate, there were laughs to be had last night, so let’s get to ’em.

judas 1 560x320Even Carl is fed up with Rick’s crazy antics and poor decision-making.

judas 2 560x324Merle reads?

judas 3 560x324Oh, just bang already!

judas 4 560x324Milton is such a ninny.

judas 5 560x314Tastes yummy when you dip it in milk.

judas 6 560x320Derek Vinyard approves.

judas 7 560x313Andrea’s staunch defense of Philip is getting tiresome.

judas 8 560x311Michonne speaks the truth.

judas 9 560x307The Gov got hard when he heard that.

judas 10 560x318Carol gettin’ medieval up in here!

judas 11 560x314Beth is adorable, but enough with the campfire songs.

LOL! Until next week…