LOL at Last Night’s The Walking Dead

dead clear 560x372What is it that they say? You can never go home again. Well, Rick did that very thing in last night’s The Walking Dead, hauntingly titled “Clear.” And of course every trip home always leads to an awkward confrontation with an old pal. Ya know, the guy who for whatever reason never left for greener pastures. That guy for Rick was Morgan, the dude who saved his bacon in the pilot episode. But Morgan has issues, having gone all Colonel Kurtz holed up inside a MacGyveresque zombie trap compound in the middle of town. At any rate, this was another light on action, heavy on psychosis installment. However, there were still laughs to be had.

clear 1 560x316This isn”t Europe after graduation. It’s a zombie apocalypse.

clear 2 560x315Now we know what Michonne can’t do.

clear 3 560x328Kid used to be a whiny douche. Not no more.

clear 4 560x310That ain’t all zombie blood. Morgan don’t play.

clear 5 560x317Inane ramblings scribbled on walls is never a sign of good mental health.

clear 6 560x315As if stealing a snack is the worst thing someone can do in a world gone mad.

clear 7 560x315Rats in cages. This series in a nutshell.

clear 9 560x303

clear 9A 560x306NINJA!!!!!

clear 8 560x308Did Rick Grimes make a funny? Nah.

clear 10 560x302Darwinism at work.

LOL! Is Michonne Carl’s new mommy? Bring back Daryl and The Governor! Until next week…