LOL At Last Night’s The Walking Dead

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A couple of weeks ago I expounded on why I feel The Walking Dead defines the recent trend of brutality TV. Anyone who watches the show knows it’s a grisly, soul-crushing portrait of surviving a zombie apocalypse, as it should be. However, there are also moments of levity, both intentional and unintentional. And last night’s episode “When the Dead Come Knocking” was no different. In between decapitations and intestine gorging, there were the following LOL moments.

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Merle is still bitter about that whole left-on-the-roof-had-to-cut-his-own-hand-off thing. Can hardly blame him.

LOL deadB 560x277

Michonne’s matter of fact description of The Governor is spot on, and quite amusing.

LOL deadC 560x285

Daryl should be the official baby-namer in the zombie apocalypse. Rick agrees.

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Oh, Merle. You’re such a loveable racist.

LOL deadE 560x284

Not funny ha-ha. Funny because it reinforces what we already knew about The Governor: he’s a sadistic piece of sh*t.

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Daryl’s colloquial one-liners are the best.

LOL deadG 560x276

Did Mr. Cabin in the Woods not realize there was a zombie apocalypse going on outside? Well, he does now.

LOL deadH 560x302

Milton means well, but he needs to die.

LOL deadI 560x281

Andrea and her insane boyfriends. LOL!