Why LOLcats Will Make You More Efficient at Work

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Everyone’s a critic.

LOLcats to most people are a stupid distraction, helping them to stave off the crushing realization that their life is an empty shell of destitution before they complete another 9-hour shift for “The Man.”

However, a bunch of very clever people in Japan have figured out that looking at pictures of cute animals helps increase physical and cognitive ability while performing menial tasks, or in other words, every fucking job on Earth. Unless you’re one of eight people out there with a job you actually enjoy… we’re looking at you, Obama.

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Yeah, that’s the sweet stuff.

This goes hand in hand with the research from Melbourne which states that social media can in fact make you a more efficient worker. Since the human mind can only concentrate for around 40 minutes at a time, looking at Facebook for a few minutes each hour can refresh your brain and boost productivity. Just let that soak in for a second. Looking at pictures of cute cats and liking things on Facebook can make you a better worker.

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That’s the exact same thing people across the world get in trouble for every day, and according to scientists, who are always right, it’s actually one of the best ways to boost your working power. Sure it’s going to be tough to tell your boss that, but as long as you have this window open all the time you have a fighting chance to convince them to let you stare at kitty cats. Fight the machine!

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