Love and Something Positive Despite Job Loss

ben gullet

Ben Gullet

Job losses are in the air and on the soil of the United States. This could be caused by many many matters: subprime mortgages, Lehman Brothers, Madoff, AIG, GREED! The list goes on and on. Where is the moral? Where is the positivity? Where is the love in a materialized world? Nonetheless, love and positivity truly exist in this boy. Human beings perhaps need not to take things for granted, and start caring for each other like this boy does to his father.

Mr. Mark Gullet was the Vice President-equivalent of Tampa Bay Lightning’s Marketing Department. Mr. Gullet was laid off on the 12th of this month. He has told his son, Ben Gullet, to be prepared for the days coming. The ride is going to be rough. However, Ben did not get discouraged by the statement and even made a YouTube video for his father regarding the current situation.

Within 24 hours of being posted on YouTube, the particular video welcomed 800 viewings. The same video hit 60,000 viewings a few days before this article was written. Mr. Mark Gullet has actually received numerous call-backs for job interviews.

Wish the Gullets the best to come! Good things always happen to good people in the long run! AIG?  Not so much. Check this out:  White House seeks powers to shut firms like AIG