Lumsing Smart 5-Port USB Charger

Lumsing Smart USB Charger 1 560x280You may have noticed recently that nearly every gadget you own is powered or charged via USB. Tablets, smart phones, battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, and many more devices have switched to USB as the connection of choice. So when we need to charge many of these devices at once, our power strip gets filled mightily quickly with an assortment of power adapters. In fact just last week we found ourselves with the need to charge everything we owned, as Blizzard Jonas hit our office directly and we prepared for potential power outages.

Lumsing Smart USB Charger 2 560x280As you can see, the power strip on our desk was full and cluttered, and this is just one of three charging stations we setup to prepare for the storm. Lucky for us a new product arrived for review just in time to be tested in this real world situation. We’re happy to introduce you to the Lumsing Smart 5-Port USB Charger, which certainly satisfies a need in our office.

Lumsing Smart USB Charger 5 560x280Lumsing Smart USB Charger 3 300x300This Smart Charger automatically detects and switches between iOS and Android for fast charging, and delivers 40 watts of high-power to five devices simultaneously. That allows us to eliminate some serious clutter from our charging tasks. This is especially important when we’re traveling. Often we find hotel rooms (and especially Cruise Ships) limited in accessible outlets or USB ports. Now every hotel we visit will feel modern because we’ll just bring proper charging capability with us. One stylish compact device replaces five easily misplaced power adapters.

Lumsing Smart USB Charger 4 560x280We’re particularly delighted that it comes in our favorite color, which makes it stand out from a sea of black devices that are no doubt already populating your gear bag. The Lumsing Smart 5-port USB Charger is great for home, office, and especially travel and is available for just $19.99 on Amazon.