Lyoto Machida Knocks Out Rashad Evans at UFC 98

ufc 98 machida

Machida cheering for his victory against Evans

I can’t complain. The main event of UFC 98 definitely lives up to the hype. After being undefeated for six long years with BJ Penn, Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, Tito Ortiz, and recently Thiago Silva on the karate master’s resume, Machida finally gets a taste of becoming the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion tonight by knocking out Rashad Evans in the second round at 3:57. It didn’t surprise me that he was going to knock Evans out because this was how I predicted the fight would end, but what surprised me was the incredible precision, power, and determination that he delivered that knockout.

The first round was a boring round with the two circling for almost full five minutes, but it was the second round when both fighters started exchanging flurry of punches. Machida got the better of the exchange and dropped Evans with a straight left followed by uncountable number of punches.

ufc 98 evans 300x175

Evans falling asleep

Evans tried to recoup and got back on his feet, but Machida immediately pressed Evans against the cage and hit his chin with a powerful left hook, then followed by a right on the cheek, and finally another left hook on the chin again that brutally put him out cold. For a short moment, I thought Evans was sent to Heaven.

Thank you for showing us such incredible performance tonight Lyoto. The karate master is here to stay.