Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Rick Roll

In case you missed it. At today’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rick Astley himself performed, and Rick Rolled the parade. This was very poorly executed, as they advertised Rick Astley would be performing in the parade, and during commentary by the Today Show crew, Matt Lauer announced that there would be a “special musical surprise” ¬†on the Cartoon Network’s ‘Fosters Home for Imaginary Friend’ float. I think the television executives didn’t realize that a Rick Roll is supposed to be a surprise.

Seems like a very obvious lip sync job, which I believe is the case for all of these parade performances. So while this is kinda funny, I think this basically ends the “Rick Rolling Phenom”, as it has now been commercialized. It was obviously already on its last legs, but I think this event will put it in the grave for most of us. Sadly, this will just be the beginning of Rick Rolling for some people, and those people will probably turn this fond internet memory into a nightmare. I can see it now, Rick Astley performing at Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve, and at the Superbowl.