Mad Draft Disease

Public Health is an issue everyone should take seriously. Whether it’s SARS, the Swine Flu, or the dreaded Mad Cow Disease, one can never be too careful.¬†

So when the Global Sports Fraternity’s Norm Brooks, the fantasy addict, contracted a horrific bacterial disease earlier this year, there was cause for concern. The virus, which was running rampant through the world of hardcore fantasy players, was identified as Mad Draft Disease.

With the NBA draft kicking off tonight, another outbreak of MDD has been discovered, and rumors have been swirling that that several NBA general managers have been coming down with symptoms of the dreaded disease.  With that in mind, we wanted to show how dangerous MDD can be in the following video.

So if you begin foaming at the mouth, come down with a pounding headache, or start mumbling Hasheem Thabeet uncontrollably, please report to the nearest hospital immediately.