Madden Glitches

madden09 300x283Our friends over at on 205th magazine had a wonderful collection recently of the Best Madden Glitches. To give you a little preview, check out this great clip of Rex Grossman crapping a football. I guess that is why Kyle Orton gets to start now, and Rex has more time to be on game shows.

So the hilarity that ensues when complicated programming goes wrong led us to wonder what other glitches have been discovered in the game. And of course whenever someone wonders something, google has the answer, with an entire site dedicated to the subject : Madden Glitches, but also a plethora of forums spending countless hours discussing the topic as well. Makes you wonder if it is really worth it to spend $45-$60each year to get the latest version of the game that will just be full of bugs?

What kind of stupid ass question is that? Of course its worth it, how else are you going to get Matt Forte on your roster? You don’t want to be stuck running pass patterns with Randy Moss in Oakland do you? Which leads me to ponder this; How many people would just pay $10 per year to get roster updates, and don’t really care to get the new version of the game each year?