The Magic Mike Trailer is Fantastic

magic header 560x265

Behind every male stripper there is an entrepreneur yearning to build custom-made furniture. At least that’s the ridiculous premise of Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum and Matthew “He’ll Always Be Wooderson to Me” McConaughey. With a director the caliber of Steven Soderbergh behind the lens, there’s reason to believe this expose on male exotic dancers might be tolerable. Then again, it’s a movie about dudes with buff bodies taking their clothes off, so there’s that to consider. Drink in the trailer, if you’re secure enough in your own sexuality, or if (like me) you think McConaughey is dreamy.

HOLY SHIT! They remade Cocktail. Where’s Bryan Brown when you need him? Yeah, I think I’ll be skipping this sausage fest/chick flick.

Magic Mike opens June 29th.