MagicWand for Macs From Twelve South

Twelve South MagicWand main 544x311px

One thing that amazes me is that while Apple creates brilliant products, it leaves plenty of room for other companies to swoop in and innovate further. These ideas come in large and small packages, creative and lame, but in the case of Twelve South, not necessarily necessary but very cool for those who could use it. Make sense?

Insert the Magic Trackpad users, particularly those who like to not sit at their desk.

Made of polycarbonate, the MagicWand is simply a device that connects your keyboard to your Trackpad, on either side, essentially making your keyboard and Trackpad a one-piece device. This is especially useful when you pick up your wireless keyboard off the desk and type in that comfy chair nearby. Not exactly easy to use the mouse from there, eh?

For $29.99, the Magicwand is just a drop in the bucket to improve your Mac experience. Also check out their attachable shelf, called a Backpack, for iMacs.

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