How to Make Darth Carrot

11Our favorite Japanese sushi chefOki – is at it again, this time providing step-by-step instructions on how to make the evil lord Darth Vader out of a carrot. He owns a restaurant called Minayoshi in Kadoma City, Osaka, and is a big fan of the Star Wars films.

Now, on to Darth Vader. First, get several carrots, as I’m sure there will be plenty trial and error while doing this.

Carve this:


Next, fill in the details.

31Then make his body (and legs, a step he skipped), using toothpicks to connect them:

42Carve the hands:

7And the arms:

6Put everything together, add accessories, and you’re done!


The chef provides instructions on his own site, slightly more expanded than these, but not by much. Make sure you see all of the other Star Wars figures he’s created out of vegetables in our earlier feature on him.