Make Your Own Edible Beef Jerky Underwear

brief jerky 560x443Starving for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your honey? Hungry for something different from ordinary flowers and candy? No worries. We have a solution. Thanks to those oh-so clever do-it-yourselfers over at, there’s no need to cough up $100 for edible underwear. Now you can make you own in seven simple steps. And best of all, they are 100% beef (jerky).

You will need rudimentary kitchen knowledge, like how to mix ground beef, and a meat dehydrator, but who doesn’t have one of those? Just think how much your lady friend will be aroused when you sink your teeth into her rawhide rump and start gnawing away like a hyena tearing apart an antelope carcass. If that doesn’t say love, then we don’t know what does.

[Via The Daily What]