Make Your Wine Cellar Badass

amazing cellar design 300x295If you drink wine, then this might be of interest to you. If you don’t drink wine and don’t think it’s too high falutin, you can check out our Wine Primer and think about investing in a place to store you wine. As a suggestion, Spiral Cellars design/build firm has developed a wine cellar for any room in the house. They’ll dig a hole in whatever room you want, insert their spiral cellars design as seen to the right, and haul the dirt right out the front door. And your wine cellar will resemble your own personal hidden panic room in case of a zombie apocalypse. Although a word of warning, it could be a little dangerous going down into the wine cellar for another bottle after becoming intoxicated. You can seem plenty more pictures and find out more info on the design at Dornob Distinctive Designs.