Man Dies After Swallowing Weed

Cannabis Corpse 300x300Here’s a lesson in the Internet. If you read about something crazy, there’s a 50/50 shot it happened in Florida. So let’s read down to the Sunshine state, where Andrew Grande fell victim to a bag of the sticky icky. The gay porn star apparently choked to death after trying to eat his stash of marijuana during a domestic dispute call. The lesson? Just take it out of the bag. Although given his profession, you’d figure he’d be able to swallow it if anyone could.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office claimed that Grande began resisting arrest and stuffed something in his mouth.  This prompted deputies to Taser him. Grande started to choke, and a medical rescue team eventually retrieved a plastic baggie of marijuana that had become lodged in his throat. Grande later died at the hospital. Guess a guy who tries to swallow a plastic bag isn’t long for this world anyway.

Somehow I think I’ve see this all before…