Mark McGwire: the Ultimate Drug Fiend

Mark McGwire Swollen Head 300x243

"I think my head hit its growth spurt in '91."

It’s only been two weeks since Mark McGwire’s teary-eyed interview with Bob Costas, but the slugger’s steroid use already feels like old news. If 70 dingers didn’t hint that Big Mac was taking more than just his Flintstone vitamins, all you had to do was take a look at the increase in his hat size — the man’s head blew up like a sorority sister with a boyfriend.

But now that our suspicions have been confirmed, a juiced up Mcgwire raises some interesting questions. What, exacly, was he taking? Did he stop using after he left baseball? And is it possible that the greatest slugger of our generation was a full blown addict?

It may not taste great, but take it from us, pine tar will get you high as a Georgia pine.

Video courtesy of the Global Sports Fraternity.