Marshall Monitor Headphones

Marshall Monitor Headphones 560x280One of the largest names in music equipment recently released a new set of Headphones and we got our hands on them for a review. Introducing the Marshall Monitor Headphones from the British company that produces amplifiers that have been rocking since the 60s. Priced at $200, the Monitors are competing against some fairly popular headphones that are already on the market, but they have the brand name recognition to turn heads.

Monitor embodies the Power and strength that is Marshall in a headphone with HI-FI prowess and epic sound. Monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps, while the heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and plug make it full-out roadworthy.

The first thing we noticed about these headphones was the style. They’re understated and classic. Unlike other popular sets, you wouldn’t buy these just to get noticed. They’re not flashy or trendy, but timeless and reliable, exactly what you would expect from Marshall.

Marshall Monitor Collapsed 560x280We gave the Marshall Monitors a thorough workout the one place we inevitably all need headphones, on a plane. As you’ll see in the photo above, the Monitors fold up fairly tight, and then can stow away in their own pouch. This made them very easy to toss into our carry-on bag when not in use. The detachable cord is a must at this price point, and the coil was an old school touch that contributed to the overall feel of the product.

The completely detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote can be worn on either the right or left side. The extra 3.5mm socket allows you to share your music. When you’re done, fold ‘em up and stow them away in the canvas carrying pouch.

That extra 3.5mm socket was easily our favorite feature. First it allows you to choose which side of the headphones the cord is going to hang down from. However the additional capability to use them as a pass through for a second headset is perfect when traveling with a companion. We utilized this feature to share sound from an iPad movie without needing a splitter.


Of course you’re probably wondering about how they sound. Rest assured Marshall wouldn’t risk their reputation on a $200 set of Headphones that didn’t sound great, and they certainly delivered with this product.

Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the entire frequency range. Even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy and dynamic.

That paragraph obviously comes from the press material, but we couldn’t agree more with the description. We tested out a variety of music, movies, and even podcasts, and all of it was crisp and clear with great highs and lows. The over ear design also did a nice job of keeping out background noise, even though there is no active noise cancellation components.

For real audiophiles, Marshall has an additional feature while you’ll appreciate, their custom sound Felt Treble Filter system…


With the Monitor’s F.T.F. system, you can choose your own sound experience – a warmer, laid back sound, or a brighter and clearer sound.

It’s a simple removable felt pad in each magnetic earpiece, but the difference was noticeable, and if you understand the data in that chart above, more power to yah.

Overall we found the Marshall Monitors to be a great combination of classic styling and high-quality sound that should definitely appeal to rock fans who have grown up with the brand. Learn more about the Monitors and Marshall’s other headphones at

Marshall Monitor Headphones

Style - 80%
Performance - 90%
Value - 80%


A great combination of classic styling and high-quality sound that should definitely appeal to rock fans who have grown up with the brand.