How to Tell if Your Martial Arts Instructor is a Genuine Master

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So, you have decided to take up martial arts because you’re tired of getting beaten up by either junior high school kids, guys half your size or from men that are twice your age. There are a lot of essential skills that you can learn from martial arts, and these skills can be used in real life situations.

One of the skills you will learn from your martial arts master includes learning how to tie a belt “correctly”. This skill can come in handy; especially if you happen to lose your belt buckle after getting your butt kicked on the way home from work by a group of junior high schools kids.

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There are other impressive skills you will learn from your martial arts master. Skills like breaking a piece of wood that someone else is holding in front of you, and kicking the crap out of a hanging bag. These will come in useful after you return home from getting your butt kicked by a bunch of junior high school kids. You will be able to efficiently kick and punch holes in the walls of your home and garage, and this can greatly help you to relieve any frustrations or lack of self-worth you may be feeling.

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While these skills sets can be very beneficial, if taught properly by a genuine martial arts master, how do you know if your instructor is the real deal? Here are some tell-tale signs that may indicate that your martial arts instructor is a genuine master:

  1. He can count to 10 in at least two different Asian languages.
  2. His belt looks like a large old shoe string that’s about to fall off his body.
  3. He is on a first name basis with the junior high kids that kicked your ass.
  4. There are many large holes in the walls located throughout his home.
  5. He says the name Bruce Lee, after every five words.
  6. He has many zen type sayings that nobody understands.
  7. Animals are always sniffing his pockets.
  8. The movement of his mouth is not in synch with his words.
  9. He claims to only bleed internally.
  10. He wears his uniform to bed.
  11. He can’t remember your name, but he knows when your membership payment is due.
  12. He claims he can catch flies with a pair of chop sticks, and tells you this while eating a bowl of noodles with said chopsticks.
  13. Last, but not least, the thirteenth way to tell if your martial arts instructor is a genuine master, his answer for every counter move is to “kick him in the balls!”

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