Masters of None – We Know Celebrities #3 – Mick Foley

Masters Of None

We caught up with wrestling legend Mick Foley, a.k.a. Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love. We shoot with Mick on his new stand-up comedy career, his most hardcore match, the all-time greatest ring talkers, the finer points of mooching, extreme baseball coaches and do 6Q’s for our buddies at Gunaxin. Check out Mick on his Total Extreme Comedy Tour, which will be stopping at Manhattan Comedy Club in Middletown, NY this Friday, November 13, and then at the Comedy Connection in Providence, RI on November 25. Bonus Material – Mick Foley: King of the Deathmatch Video


Masters of None – We Know Celebrities #3 – Mick Foley

mon1551Gunaxin is proud to be partnering with Masters of None, and featuring their content here on our site. Masters of None are former radio guys Mike, Art & Jay, who debate and answer mankind’s most important questions each week. Along the way you’ll encounter unsustainable amounts of movie quotes, horribly tasteless jokes, TV references, offensive comments, old radio bits, biting insults, tall tales, unsportsmanlike conduct, raping and pillaging of all things pop culture. It’s a comedy podcast that doesn’t suck.