Matt Carkner: Blood Donor

Carkner 560x256

That's ol' time hockey, eh?

Matt Carkner isn’t a household name. The Ottawa Senators defenseman has played in 111 NHL games, scoring 14 points. What he’s best known for is his fighting, with 253 penalty minutes in those 111 games.

Tonight, he decided he would like to be known for something a little more. After a fight in which he got a little bloody, Carkner skated past the New York Rangers’ bench.

I’ll let the video explain the rest…

You can’t tell if he was actually flicking blood at the Rangers’ bench, but what the hell else would he be doing? He was bloodied up, so one would assume there was more than just sweat off his brow on his fingers.

Carkner will likely see at least a fine and possibly a suspension. He’ll also be a little more well known now… for being a total dick.