Mattress Mascots – A Presidents Day Celebration

Mattress Sale 560x218mattressToday is Presidents Day, and if you are looking to celebrate in the traditional manner, may I recommend making a mattress purchase? For some reason, Presidents Day is one of those holidays that seems to be accompanied by a sale on mattresses. So to me, buying a mattress is a uniquely American way to celebrate a uniquely American Holiday. What better way to pull this country out of a recession, then to have a sale on Sealy Posturepedics? When I think of mattresses, I think of the wacky mascots used by companies that make and sell mattresses. Why these companies believe a cartoon mascot is required in order to sell us a Beauty Rest, I have no idea, but the results are often a bit amusing. So logically enough, for Presidents Day I present to you a collection of those wacky mascots. I’m sure our founding fathers would be quite pleased.

One of the sexiest galleries we have done on this site eh? Serta is one of the only manufacturers of mattresses that picked up on the mascot trend of its distributors, and in 2007 they introduced the Serta Sheep. Below are a few of their commercials:

Here are some additional assorted mattress commercials:

This is what happens when you pay morons to dance in a mattress costume:

…and a little something that is reminiscent of Terry Tate, this is a Gorilla tackling Mattress Man:

Lastly, I bring you the Mattress Man Commercial from Punch Drunk Love:

and the Original Mattress Man Commercial that the previous was parodying:

Yeah, I think we’ve beaten this concept sufficiently to death. If we missed any of your local favorites, be sure to tell us about them in the comments section below. Remember, be Patriotic this Presidents Day, buy a mattress!