Max Casella : A Young Joe Pesci?

Joe Pesci max casella 1

Ever since his Doogie Howser days, I always thought actor Max Casella, better known as Benny Fazio on The Sopranos and now the thug Leo D’Alessio on Boardwalk Empire, resembled Joe Pesci. Though born in 1967, Casella seems to always play characters about ten years younger due to his fresh face and pip-squeak voice, just like Uncle Joe.

Now look closely at this guy. Not only does he look and sound like Pesci, but can you really tell me he couldn’t have been the understudy to Pesci in roles like My Cousin Vinny and Goodfellas? Okay, no one would say yes to that simply because Pesci is Pesci, but how about Home Alone and The Super?

Casella, who is 24 years younger than Pesci, would make the ideal movie son to the “Funny how”¬†actor, but as of late, he seems to only be getting HBO roles (albeit good ones), voice-over work, and minor television roles instead of features.

I’m no casting director, but Casella seems to have the potential to play bigger roles than what we’ve seen him in as of late. You know, so long as he’s not getting beaten up by Artie Bucco.