McDonald’s : The Rap

One of our favorite YouTube stars here at Gunaxin is Remy, who has done dozens of music videos over the last few years. This is one of his best, the McDonald’s Rap. I think you’ll agree, the man has crazy talent :

If you never had McDonald’s, heck, well dude you should
It’s a party, like a Hardee’s, except the food is good
Just don’t get a large #2, I plead with you friend
Cuz it’ll be a large #2 when you see it again

Full Lyrics

This attempt at a McDonald’s Rap isn’t nearly as good in my opinion, but still not too shabby. It’s been parodied and copied dozen’s of times, so I suppose its quite popular. Well, that and the fact that it has over 9 Million views :

And finally we have this guy rapping in front of the sign out front. While I don’t think he actually works for McDonald’s, its a decent attempt: