McDonald’s: Epic Happy Meal Fail

happy meal box head

If there is a staple in the fast food universe when you’re attempting to feed your children while on the run or just plain out of ideas, it would absolutely have to be McDonald’s Happy Meals. The prospect of a relatively wholesome and healthy meal (more so of late with the inclusion of apples and apple juice) coming directly to your little one in a busy bag with the excitement of a toy, is nigh impossible to ignore. And even more than that is the price. It’s just an all round convenient way to eat. Ah, but as it seems, McDonald’s has hired some questionable talent to write the quips and funny one-liners for its boxes.

The most recent addition to the classic Happy Meal box is the newest one promoting the third Shrek sequel arriving in theaters this summer. As with all the packages through the years, the box is colorful and emblazoned with the characters directly from the movie that you can pop out and use as paper dolls. It’s fun! But therein lies the insidious and egregious grammatical sentence structure error. This is such an Epic Fail that I’m nearly speechless and its stupidity. Check this out:

puss 560x756

Wow. McDonald’s, I have to question your hiring ethics. Just because a writer seems funny enough to design little silly bits for a kid’s lunch box doesn’t mean he should be. This is just ridiculous and is a piece of humor typically reserved for adults only stand up routines and Playboy articles, not Happy Meal boxes! Sweet Lord. Well at the very least it’s funny. Now I need a cheeseburger.