McDonald’s World Cup Fry Boxes

McDonalds World Cup Fries Field 560x233World Cup mania is increasing in ferocity, and this week McDonald’s entered the fray with special packaging for their french fries. Twelve artists from around the world were chosen to create the special new designs, which will canvas McDonald’s Medium and Large fry boxes in the majority of company-owned and franchised restaurants worldwide. We’re big fans of custom artwork and special packaging, and these Fry Box designs are top-notch. Check em out :

McDonalds World Cup Fries 560x315

“This is the first time in brand history we’re changing the packaging design of one of our customers’ most favorite menu items on a global scale, and what better reason than to share in the excitement of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world,” said Steve Easterbrook, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Chief Brand Officer of McDonald’s.

The fries contained within the special boxes are strikingly uniform in these high-resolution photographs below. This signifies to us a promise from McDonald’s that your fry boxes will always be as full and perfect as those in their marketing materials:

…and apparently these special boxes trigger an App for your mobile device, because of course they do.

McDonalds World Cup App 2 e1401300990444 560x300

Customers can download the app and begin play as soon as they have their specially-designed fry box in-hand. It’s as easy as holding the screen of their mobile device up to the front of the box. As the device recognizes the artwork, a futbol pitch will appear in an AR scene on the screen, with the fry box as the goal and other built-in objects as obstacles. The idea is to “kick” the ball with the flick of a finger and divert or use obstacles to get the ball into the goal.

That’s right kids! No need to go outside and play to enjoy the wonder of soccer, you can just flick your greasy finger on the screen of your mobile device and it delivers the same level of fun.