Medusa Head, or No Medusa Head?

Picture 111It is no surprise that Sideshow Collectibles is selling a statue of Perseus from 2010’s Clash of the Titans. However, what’s surprising is that there are two different releases of the statue, the first of which has him holding Medusa’s head, and the other without.

Now, I’m no sculptor, but I think it’s fair to say that the non-exclusive version, which has the ability to alternate a sword and a bag, is completely lame. For the same price of $299.99, the exclusive not only has him holding up the severed head (as well as alternate displays with the bag and the sword), but also a second Perseus head that shows some emotion.

So, the question here isn’t which is cooler, because clearly the one with Medusa’s head is the best. The question is, why would anyone get the version that doesn’t contain her head?

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When looking at the three side-by-side, it’s obvious that the exclusive is not only the way to go, but the only way to display this statue. Who wants to pose Sam Worthington with a bag in his hand? Who wants to pose him holding a dinky sword?

The exclusive version, which is limited to 250, is available for pre-order on Sideshow’s site, and is scheduled to ship this autumn. The non-exclusive is also available for pre-order but no one wants that.

Now, only if they’ll come out with a life-sized bust of Medusa’s severed head, I’d be interested in Clash of the Titans statues.