Meet Spider-Man’s New Villain: The Black Cat

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The big geek news for today is that the villain for Spider-Man 4 will be the Black Cat (and most likely the Lizard as well). To make the news even better, she will be played by Rachel McAdams. For those unfamiliar with the Black Cat, you saw a quick glimpse of her in one of our Sexy Halloween Costume collections.  She has also made several appearances in Spider-Man cartoons, even going back as far as the pre-Spider-Man and Friends 1981 cartoon.  Most will remember her from the 90’s show on fox.

Black Cat 263x300Quick summary on the Black Cat:

  • ultra-seductive
  • black latex
  • awesome cleavage
  • burglar
  • obsessed with Spider-Man

So who do they cast in the most stereotypical of comic book villains?  Someone who can act! They could have picked Tricia Helfer from BattleStar Galactica, they could have picked Dollhouse star Elisha Dusku, heck they could have had their pick of bombshells.  Instead they pick someone who is better looking and better acting than Kirsten Dunst.  The upside is that when The Black Cat attempts to seduce Spider-Man away from Mary Jane, you will be rooting for her.  That really is what makes comicbook movies compelling, the villain. There are women that would look better in the costume, but Rachel McAdams will get the job done for the teenage boys, and get the job done as far as portraying the character that fans of the Comic have fallen in love with.

Enjoy the gallery as I let her own pictures sway your opinion of this casting.